¡¤foundation of Big Sunshine International co., ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan)
¡¤flotation of factory in Jiang Su,China,for manufacturing basic, acid & disperse dyestuffs.
¡¤set factory to produce dyeing & finishing auxiliaries.
¡¤found 2nd mill to produce acid & direct dyes. (Zhe-Jiang, China)
¡¤established Jiang-Su Da-Wang Chemical Industry co., ltd. (Jiang-Su, China) as a headquarter in China.
¡¤customized & differentiated production
¡¤quick response system
¡¤insist on both quality and cost to pursuit ¡®both-win¡¯ with clients
¡¤persistently management and developing with costumers is our policy

¡¤disperse dyes : 700Ton /Month
¡¤acid dyes : 200Ton/Month
¡¤reactive dyes : 200Ton/Month
¡¤basic dyes : 100Ton/Month
¡¤direct dyes : 70Ton/Month
¡¤dyes summary : 1270Ton/Month , 15000Ton/Year
¡¤auxiliary : 900Ton/Month , 10000Ton/Year
¡¤specialized and earnest salesperson
¡¤experienced technicians among all fields of dyeing & finishing provide information and guidance
¡¤professional specialists supporting perfect laboratory equipments offer accurate and efficiency test reports